Luneta Ice Cream was launched in 2015 by the couple Rhea Topacio and Dennis Rogacion. It is the first Filipino Ice Cream made in Europe available at selected retailers, restaurants, events and catering services in the Netherlands and Belgium. It showcases the world-class tastes of Asian and exotic frozen dessert that conveys the feeling of tropical goodness in every scoop.

With the growing market, Luneta Ice Cream is aiming to serve more countries worldwide.


Rhea Topacio is marketing practitioner with a passion for food development and designing. With extensive experience in retail operations and marketing, she aims to position Luneta Ice Cream in the global scene.

Dennis Rogacion is an expert in logistics and production of Luneta Ice Cream. Currently employed as a Procurement coordinator for a global leasing company, his expertise with contract negotiations and purchasing facilitates efficiently in the operations of Luneta Ice Cream.

As of 2017, Luneta Ice Cream is owned and operated by PAMANA World, a company dedicated to bringing the best traditional and home-tasting foods to its customers worldwide.

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