Luneta Ube Ice Cream

The exotic taste of Purple Yam, from root crops to a delicious, rich dessert.

Available sizes

700 cc Luneta Ube

2.5 liters Luneta Ube


Energy/Energie/Energie/ Énergie/Energía/Energia/Energi 2843,4kj/ 677,5 kcal

Fats/Vetten/Fats/Graisses/Grasas/ Grassi/Fedtstoffer 18,6 g

Saturated Fats/Waarvan Verzadigd/Gesättigte Fette/ Graisses Saturées/Las Grasas Saturadas/Grassi Saturi/Mættet Fedt 12,7 g

Unsaturated Fats/Waarvan Onverzadigd Vet/ Die Ungesättigten Fettsäuren/Qui Lipides Insaturés/Que La Grasa No Saturada/ Che Grassi Insaturi/ Som Umættet Fedt 2,5 g

Carbohydrates/Koolhydraten/Kohlenhydrate/Glucides/ Los Hidratos De Carbono/ Carboidrati/ Kulhydrate 83,1 g

Sugar/Suiker/Zucker/Sucre/Azúcar/Zucchero/Sukker 81,5 g

Protein/Eiwit/Protein/Protéine/Proteína/Proteina/Protein 14,9 g

Salt/Zout/Salz/Sel/Sal/Sale/Salt 0,5 g

  • 1 colli (box) : 700cc x 4 or 2.5 liters x 2
  • Delivery time : Minimum 20 working days
  • Origin: the Netherlands 

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