Sweet Deal – Small Ice Cream Bar Deal

190,00 175,00

  • Includes 4 x 2,5 liters of Luneta Ice Cream (estimated at 240-300 scoops for serving)- Flavors included are:
    • FRUITY: Lychee Sorbet, Banana Ice Cream, Melon Ice Cream, Pineapple Sorbet
    • CLASSIC: Philippine Mango Ice Cream, Kapeng Barako (Coffee Ice Cream), Macapuno (Cocos) Ice Cream, Pandan Ice Cream.
  • Includes 60 cups, 60 cones and small ice cream spoons (please inform us if you would prefer all cups or all cones)
  • Includes Playful Toppings ( Rainbow Colored Candy Sprinkles, Small Marshmallows, Chocolate Coat)
  • Optional themed set-up (additional charge), please let us know your preferred theme)

Product Description

Freezer size: (BxWxH) : 70 x 700 x 385 mm

  • Power: 230 Volt, 115 Watt
  • Weight: 23 kg

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