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Welcome home to Luneta


The Joy in Every Scoop

Luneta Home-made Ice Cream is a product of Dea Enterprise VOF, the same company behind Dea Chocolates and Taartini Designer Cupcakes. It’s a small company showing other Filipinos that when it comes to business, you can start small, and you can start now. “If you combine your passion and goals together, every effort you put into it is worth it,” attest Rhea Topacio and Dennis Rogacion, the dynamic duo behind Luneta Home-made Ice-cream.

“We make all our quality products from our home. Made by us, in our own home,” shares Rhea. “We realized that like a lot of Filipinos abroad, we can’t go home to the Philippines a lot, so why not make the ice cream we miss here instead. The initial flavors are made according to the tastes we grew up with and continue to long for. The ice cream base are all natural (without artificial extenders, stabilizers and emulsifiers).” “Wow, I missed this,'” is a typical reaction to tasting Luneta ice-cream. “It makes our hearts melt,” admits Rhea. “Knowing that our products bring joy in every scoop, memories of their good old days, smiles that show they feel like they are back home, inspires us a lot to make more flavors for everyone to love. We are also aiming to bring the same feeling to a bigger and more diverse market in the future.”