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Luneta Ice Cream offers the best quality of unique Asian and Exotic ice creams. Started in January 2015 by couple Rhea Topacio and Dennis Rogacion in the Netherlands, it features delicious flavours taking you to a delectable journey to the tropics in every scoop. Luneta Ice Cream is available at selected retailers and restaurants in the Netherlands, Belgium, United Kingdom, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Faroe Islands and Sweden. 

Our 700cc (500g) ice creams are available at retail chains and outlets. Each tub is easy to hold and transparent, providing the customers with a truly enjoyable dessert treat in the comfort of their homes, anytime. 

We always find ways to bring our delicious ice cream closer to our customers. Luneta Ice Cream partners with restaurants, wholesalers and distributors so we could spread that “tropical feeling” to every part of the world. To date, our products sizes are from 700cc (500g) tubs, 2,5-liter (1,45 kg) and 5-liter (2,9kg) tubs. Interested to be a distributor? Send us a message.

First Filipino ice cream brand gaining ground in Europe

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THE HAGUE, The Netherlands – The first Filipino ice cream in Europe was started in a family kitchen using a portable ice cream maker.

With its distinctively Filipino taste, it became popular in the Netherlands and is already available in Belgium, UK, Denmark, Norway, Finland, and Sweden to cater to Filipinos who have longed for the taste of home.

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Best Sellers

Ube (Purple Yam)

The exotic taste of Purple Yam, from root crops to a delicious, rich dessert.

Macapuno (Cocos)

Creamy taste of aged coconut, like the Filipino favorite dessert “Macapuno”.

Rocky Road

Gooey dark chocolate ice cream bits of roasted nuts and soft marshmallows.


Exotic and aromatic. This tropical treat is a pleasant surprise to your palate.



Gluten-free – Lactose-free – Vegetarian


Nothing beats the taste of lychee sorbet for that true Asian flavor.

Philippine Mango

More flavor, more taste of Philippine Mango.

Calamansi (Philippine Lime)

The refreshing sweet and sour taste of Philippine Lime.


Sweet & sour blend of refreshing pineapple for that tropical beach vibe.

Limited Edition

*Only available for 2,5-liter, 5-liter and 10-liter sizes for HORECA. Also available during special events and food festivals.

Ube Cheese Cake

A smooth blend of the classic cheesecake favorite with a touch of exotic goodness of Ube.

Pinoy Quezo

The Filipino Classic favorite. Pinoy Quezo is sweet, a little cheesy salty and distinctly original Filipino taste.

Classic Vanilla

The creamiest Classic Vanilla taste.

Try Luneta Ice Cream with these easy, fun and yummy recipes. Enjoy and share it with your families and friends.
Dine-in with our Partner Restaurants

Baryo Pilipinas

Fluwelen Burgwal 51,
2511 CH Den Haag,The Netherlands
+31 070 217 0234

Cafe Nordrick

Gedempte Burgwal 6, 2512 BT Den Haag, The Netherlands
+31 070 750 5765

Bahay Kubo sa Brussels

Chaussée de Wavre 636, 1040
Etterbeek, Belgium
+32 2 644 47 6

Aux Saveurs Restaurant

Rue De Bouillon 57, 5570
Beauraing, Belgium
+32 (0)470 78 02 78
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