Our Ice Creams:

All our ice creams may contain allergens that may not be suitable for some people.  Rocky Road, contains nuts as well. Please be mindful of your intolerance or allergies to these particular food types. We will not be liable for any direct or indirect effects of our products to the consumers.

Each packaging is measured according to “cc”(cubic centimeter) which is the volume measurement for combined liquid and air. An ice cream can only be as fluffy with enough air. We adhere to the minimum required air in an ice cream at 45%, thus making the weight of the ice cream lighter. Should you have more questions about this, please contact us.

Placing an order:

We do not sell directly to end consumers aside from events we participate in. Our distributor handles the wholesale orders Europe-wide. For Netherlands, please contact Amazing Oriental Stores, our distribution partner, for orders 2 liters and below. Luneta Ice Cream Head Office may however accommodate all other orders and inquiries. For countries outside Europe, you may get in touch with us directly.

All ice creams purchased and delivered are already considered as your property. Any irregularity reported beyond 24 hours shall not hold Luneta Ice Cream liable.


We suggest that the ice creams be consumed on the specified within 52 weeks from manufacturing date. And all ice creams should be stored in -18°C to preserve it properly. Do not defrost and refreeze the ice creams. Luneta Ice Cream will not be liable for any irregularity of the tastes if the storage has been altered.


Cancellation of orders is only allowed within 24 hours after it has been placed. After which, your orders are considered sold and payable. Delivery can still be canceled and altered for at least 15 days prior to expected date and time and within the bounds of the delivery options. Any changes in delivery areas beyond what is currently offered shall be charged with additional delivery fees.


Please contact us or our distributor for delivery/pick-up options.


All rented equipment, machines or trucks from Luneta Ice Cream requires the following minimum deposit:

1.) Equipment/ Machines- €150

2.) Food truck- €500

In the event that these rented items are broken without the presence of a personnel from the head office, the repairs shall be charged to the client.


We guarantee that we will not share your information with anyone outside Luneta Ice Cream. In the same way, we expect that our products shall not be re-sold for profit unless you are a licensed retail partner or distributor.


All photos and texts, entered by a separate entity or person, in any contest or promotion conducted by Luneta Ice Cream, do not represent the brand in any way. Same as in the case that any branding on any photo or posts (in words), released by any person or entity, using the name Luneta Ice Cream, directly or indirectly,  do not simultaneously represent the brand in any way. Luneta Ice Cream will maintain its separability privilege and is not liable for any and all liabilities that any photo or texts may imply that may be directly or indirectly promoting the brand. Unless the promotion is managed and initiated by Luneta Ice Cream, and a promise of a prize in kind, tangible or intangible, will the brand be obliged to provide the prize according to applicable terms and conditions.

Special Discounts/Event Sponsorships:

Time and again Luneta Ice Cream releases promos to our customers. So please stay updated through our website (www.lunetaicecream.com) or Facebook page (facebook.com/lunetaicecream) to avail of our special discounts.



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